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Monday, March 14, 2011

~~~ Spring is Here! ~~~

I always feel a renewed sense of hope, of wonder and possibility when those wonderful signs of Spring begin to make their presence known.

Yesterday my husband and I took our Lab up into the foothills of the beautiful Manzano Mountains and let her run. She loves our sojourns into the higher country. She gets to sniff, and poke, and explore to her heart’s content. The sun was shining. There was a strong but comfortable breeze. The temp was around 70. I saw definite signs of budding on the vegetation all around me. A jack-rabbit made his presence known about 30 feet down in an arroyo. Luckily the dog didn’t notice him, or our outing might have been longer than we’d planned. J

It feels as though my writing ideas and energy begin to bud and stretch as freely as the cactus and juniper when Spring comes. What seemed so difficult and remote in the end of January, is somehow completely assessable now that the out of doors is coming back to life.

I have a meeting this morning with my editor from Siren Audio studios. http://www.sirenaudiostudios.com/ We’re converting one of my contemporary paranormal romances into an audiobook. This particular company doesn’t just have someone read the work, they have multiple voices, sound effects and music. This is audio theater -- similar to the radio shows of the 1940s. It’s an exciting process. Can’t wait to hear those characters come alive, for real!

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Gabi Stevens said...

Spring just makes me sneeze.
But really I love the warmer weather and the longer days. can't wait to hear your book.

Belle Sloane said...

Thanks, Gabi! Me either!!!

Roz Lee said...

Spring? Are you sure? LOL I'm intrigued by the Audio Theater concept. Sounds (pun intended) like loads of fun!

Roz Lee

Cat Lovington said...

I'd love to take Taco the wonder dog out for a run in the mountains, but I don't think I could keep up.

Can't wait to hear your book.

Cat Lovington

Belle Sloane said...

Oh,it is Roz! She and I spent the morning in Starbucks reformatting and laughing. We got though several chapters.

She might use one of the scenes we did this morning as a demo. Hope so!

Belle Sloane said...

Cat you need to take him out there. It's only about 30 - 40 minute drive up into the foothills. He will run himself so hard that he'll be mellow for the rest of the day. Our pooch slept like a log last nigh.

Robin said...

I just love the energy spring brings. Do you think it's the sunshine. It sure impacts me. Love this time of year. Renewed growth, renewed energy. Love the post, Barb. And can't wait to 'hear' your book. How exciting!!!

Belle Sloane said...

Thanks for stopping by, Rob!

Wynter Daniels said...

Exciting about the audio book - congrats. I love the spring. So many new possibilities.

Belle Sloane said...

Limitless possibilities, for sure. Thanks for stopping by, Wynter.