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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good Things Are Happening

I just realized that it’s been a month since I posted. Oh, my! So sorry.

National was fantastic as usual. I came back from there not with any grand revelation, but with the firm knowledge that I am going all the way with this writing stuff. I’m going to make it work for me. I’m going to sell and sell and sell. It feels good to be at this point.

My Airborne promotional pieces for the Goodie Room at the conference, my little airplanes with ordering information attached, just flew. I only brought about 120 of them, but they were all snapped up by the second morning of the conference. YAY to that. (If you send me an email with your mailing address, I’ll send you one as long as they last.)

My other news is that Sweet Charity, an erotic historic novella/novel (I haven’t decided which yet), I’m working on, finaled in LERA’s 2009 Rebecca Contest. That’s pretty exciting, and quite a motivator in production. I’ve been hammering away at it ever since I found out. ;-)

Well, I’d better get some writing done before I have to hit the day job.

Enjoy your day, and press on.