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Sunday, March 21, 2010

~~~ The Tombstone Bordello-B&B ~~~

Hello All~~~

I have been a bad, bad, blogger. And, after I promised readers and myself I’d post at least once a month. Sheesh! Well, I’m back on track. YEA!

My writing buddy Tami Sinclair and I took a fact finding trip to Tombstone, Arizona, in late January. It was a blast. While there, we stayed in the Tombstone Bordello (B&B), which was actually a working bordello in the late 1800s. The proprietors were wonderful. The breakfasts were tasty, the conversation great, and the beds totally comfy. I recommend it highly if you ever decide to visit Tombstone.

While there I learned all I need to know for my next erotic novel. It’s set in Tombstone, in a bordello of course. I know bordello life was often harsh and difficult. But the bordello that I’m writing about is one where the Madam is a shrewd business woman, fair minded, and careful with her employees. She also has an empathetic heart.

I’ve got the story in my head from beginning to end. Now I need to hit the keys, and flesh (ha) it out.

Onward, to the computer!!!