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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers,

Once again I’m gearing up for the Romance Writers of America conference, this year held in Orlando Florida. Never been to Orlando before. The last time I went to Florida was a wayward and crazy trip to Key West for spring break, years ago.

Every year when I go to the RWA conference, I learn many things, but usually come away with some sort of specific epiphany. So looking forward to the special writing gem I’ll glean from the experience this time.

The summer is progressing nicely. Though my writing time has been a bit stunted by our new family addition--a curious and immensely enthusiastic black lab puppy. Practices in patience have been VERY important with the whole canine situation for sure. {Breath in, Breath out--Relax}

I am now officially a listed author at Red Sage Publishing, [ www.eredsage.com ]. Got my own link and everything. J I’m looking forward to a release date, and trying to come up with some clever promo item to sell the story with. With the word sweet (Sweet Charity) in the title, chocolate comes to mind, but I’m not sure. If anyone has ideas they would like to share for promo items appropriate for a western historical erotic romance entitled Sweet Charity, PLEASE leave me your ideas in a comment on this entry. I’d really appreciate it.

Belle @}--{---------


Molly Evans said...

You've probably already thought of checking Oriental Trading for ideas, but that's always a good one for ideas and little trinkets.
Think of your story and is there a pivotal moment that you could draw from? Is there something that recurrs in it? Do they ride horses, a carriage, any props like weapons that are used during the story?
Looking forward to seeing some suggestions for you. I'm just blank this morning. Sorry, Belle! Hope the puppy settles down soon.

Gabi Stevens said...

You could make a donation to charity for each copy sold (I'm doing that for my next book) if you want to play off of "Charity". But chocolate works too.


Belle Sloane said...

Thanks, Ladies. :-) Those are great ideas.

There are a few things that are story related that I could use, Molly. The items that stick out most in my mind, are the ribbon roses that Charity uses to let Dillon know where she is. I like the idea of donations, too. How are setting that up Gabi?

I really appreciate having some ideas to mull over.